Wilson Pet supply

Wilson Pet Supply 61278 Cat Food Indoor Weight Control With
1700 Yajome St
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 252-0316

Great family business, very helpful. Great supply of organic feed choices. I love that they have folks carry your feed to your car for you! They are always so nice when they greet you in the store and always says thank you after closing the back hatch/trunk. Thanks Wilson's!

After reading some of the reviews that complained, I kinda have to agree..The Owner is fantastic and always smiles is awesome, knowledgeable and gracious. have gone to them for over 30yrs.I think they are kinda retiring and leaving it to their son and daughter in law. The last time I was in there not knowing these people felt they are not very friendly, they should get lesson's from MOM..They made me feel they didn't have time for me. Hope they read these reviews and be more personable. I will still go there to support our community stores.. .

Being the only Feed Store in Town (at least that I am aware of), I went there to get some scratch for my chickens and was just walking around looking at what they had on the shelves and why not. When I was closer to the feed bags a young salesperson approached me and ask if I needed help. I answered that I was just browsing to see what they had as it was my first time at the store. He looked at me like I was going to steal something and asked me what kind of feed was I looking for. I answered that I was not sure and I was just looking around. Then he said: "I can tell you what we have". I answered: "Well, I just got 4 laying hens and I am not that familiar with the feeds". To that he answered: We do not have regular feed here. It is the expensive, good quality one. At that point, clearly, I was not welcome there. I left and I am getting my feed and other supplies at Rivertown in Petaluma. I will never set my feet again in this store

After personally being a customer for 20+ years I have never been treated so poorly as even going as far as embarrassing me infront of other customers. Over a $38.00 transaction by the owners daughter who was obnoxiously rude. Even as far as to scribble void across my personal check then had the audacity to tell me "I guess you better go to your bank and get cash." So much for being a member of the local community and supporting local business! Melyssa Shroyer

Have been consistently great for seed and other products over the years. Love that they know me and get my car loaded so quickly. Just really nice people! So glad I made this place part of my route and i'm happy to support a family owned business.

Great customer service, prices compare to other pet stores, have a good selection of dog food and supplies. Also they will carry items out to your car without asking.

I have bought numerpus baby chick and supplies from these WONDERFUL people, they are vey knowledgable, friendly and helpful.

I come here at least once a month and it's always quick and easy. The guys know me now and have my trunk loaded with the feed before I've even left the store. I can't really speak to the prices but I'd pay extra for the convenience alone. And who doesn't love the fiberglass farm animals out front? That rooster makes me smile every time.

Not open on Sundays. At least I don't think so. Tried to call a few times and then drove by and there was no mention of their business hours. We went to a different place. Maybe they could at the very least post the hours of business on the window.

All about supporting the local business, but when I called to see if Wilson's feed carried a particular dog food; the older gentleman who picked up was extremely rude. I have ordered my dog food here for years and a lack of customer service isn't worth saving a few bucks. Cheer up, I'd love to have your job!

When our family decided to raise chickens, the fine folks at Wilson's Feed helped us every step of the way. The are an incredible resource, have all of the supplies necessary to get a little flock started, but at the same time, encouraged us to have fun with the process! They have very reasonable prices, have been able to answer every crazy chicken question I've been able to throw at them, and they even load your purchases into your car for you. Good, old-fashioned customer service at its finest.

Don't shop here for chicks, they do not know what they are doing. I asked for delaware chicks and they gave me a Brahma chicks not the same. And I called them up a few weeks later and got a guy on the phone and he said well what am I supposed to do about it. He was very rude to me. Please do not shop at the store.

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