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Healthcare pays virtually nothing and is expensive. For a pet based company, it's shocking that they offer NOTHING in the way of pet insurance! Forget bonus- they will raise your goals 20-25% over LY and you won't stand a chance. Discount i

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The medical, vision and dental benefits are top notch. The only problem is they cost the employee dearly. I am paying twice as much than I did at my last job.

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Other than a basic 20% employee discount and a 401K they ask you to consider, there are no benefits in being a part time employee, and the only employees who get full time hire are the managers.

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07. Okt 2016

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I don't know. Part-time employees do not receive benefits and almost all employees are hired part-time.

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There is no benefit package except for managers. Only hire part timers.

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6 PTO days. 2 weeks vacation. Health insurance was high on employee side

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There are no benefits available for part time employees, and they refuse to hire full time employees that aren't management.

30. Mär 2015

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401K is good, but you don't earn enough to contribute or save in that manner if your earnings are used for living expenses

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