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Petego Umbra Pet Portable Pet House

10 Umbra Pet Portable Pet House (dog tent)
by Petego

At the 10th position, I decided to include a portable dog house. This Petego Umbra Pet Portable Pet House and Containment System can be quickly constructed for your dog outside whenever necessary.DH350 Dog House by Suncast It has an “umbrella” type of mechanics for easy setup and breakdown, so it usually takes about 5 minutes to put it up. You can even use this dog home in cars. Its mesh vents are very durable and claw-proof.

This is one of the most popular and best cheap dog houses due to its mobility, low price and ease of use. It's ergonomic and clearly wouldn't pose any issues if you want to store it.Top Best Dog Houses for Outdoors and Indoors However, as some pet owners pointed out in dog house reviews, not all dogs may be keen on living in this dog tent because it doesn't feel sturdy enough.

Most helpful review (read full Amazon review): “I purchased this mainly for vet visits (to keep my dogs safe in the lobby). But it can be handy for all sorts of occasions (training classes or training at home, competitions, shows, etc…) The Umbrapet is light weight yet sturdy. It comes with…”

9 DH350 Dog House
by Suncast

How to pick the best dog house?Obviously no list of best dog houses is complete without the Suncast DH350 dog house, which is currently one of the most popular homes for dogs on Amazon. It's pretty standard, looks good, is safe and easy to setup. There's nothing special about it, but does it really need anything special?

This simple and cheap dog house works, and that's the most important thing. Although it's clearly plastic looking, dogs don't mind that, so as long as you're fine with it, this can be an affordable option. This dog house fits pooches up to 100 lbs, comes with vinyl doors and you can even personalize your dog's name above the entrance (letters are provided).

Most helpful review (read full Amazon review): “I read the previous reviews AFTER ordering this dog house and was very worried about my purchase. But honestly I was shocked how WRONG a lot of the reviews were in my opinion. My dog is…”

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